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Long Vowels Word Study

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Teaching kids to spell includes much more than a list of spelling words students should memorize and write on a spelling test each week. Effective spelling methods do not rely on rote memorization, but are developmentally appropriate and hands-on. Word Study is a widely research-based spelling approach whose purpose is to “examine words in order to reveal the logic and consistencies within [the] written language system and to help student achieve mastery in recognizing, spelling, and defining specific words” (Words Their Way, Bear, et. al, 2012).Word Study is developmentally appropriate because it takes into consideration what the student understands or does not yet understand about spellings and word meanings to discover where spelling instruction should start. This is accomplished by looking at the student’s misspellings of certain word patterns (from simple words like man to more complex words such as multitude). It is hands-on in that it requires students to analyze, manipulate, and create meaningful and logical generalizations of how word spellings work.Long Vowels Word Study app is similar to Short Vowel Word Study app ( ) and is based on the Word Study approach as described above and is for students in the Within Word Pattern spelling stage, according to Words Their Way.Long Vowel Word Study reviews some short vowel patterns while teaching the spelling patterns related to long vowels, such as silent e, vowel digraphs (ai, oa, ea, etc.), and less common vowel patterns like ure or ie. Also included are other vowels patterns, such as these: r-influenced vowels, oi/oy, short oo, and au/aw.
With EIGHT Learning Levels, Long Vowel Word Study teaches kids who are ready for:
> Silent e long vowel pattern > Vowel digraphs > R-influence vowel patterns> Other/Ambiguous vowel patterns
Spelling Activities Included in Every Level:
SORT IT - Sorting words based on their spelling pattern.
FIND IT - Analyzing words based on their patterns and finding the one that does not fit based on its phonics sound or visual pattern.
SPELL IT - Manipulating letter tiles to spell long vowel words.
WRITE IT - Spelling long vowel words by tracing and writing the word.
Long Vowels Word Study Bonus Sections:- a parent section that explains the theory behind the spelling activities included in the app- a “Word Fun” section, where kids can play spelling games after earning stars from their spelling activities
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To read more about teaching kids to spell through a developmental approach to spelling, visit This Reading Mama or purchase her book, Teaching Kids to Spell.